Event Services, portable restroom rentals, handicapped restroom, VIP restrooms, portable santiation services, portable toilets available from Star Sanitation Services, serving agricultural and special events.

Star Sanitation Services is honored to serve the agricultural and special event markets. Our professional team has over 30 years of experience in the sanitation field. Our attention to quality control, detail, cleanliness, condition of our units and customer satisfaction is second to none. Star takes the pro-active approach to conducting business and customer service instead of the reactive approach. We conduct business in a professional manner and look forward to servicing your sanitation requirements.

STAR Sanitation has a special team that works together with organizers to help insure that all of your needs are met, pre and post event. STAR Sanitation Services is committed to providing special event organizers the highest, dependable, quality service in the industry for events large or small.

STAR Sanitation event services are available for parades, special events, sporting events, private parties, weddings, family gatherings and much more. Our high quality restrooms feature a unique ventilation system, spacious design, greater stability, non-splash urinals and more. STAR Sanitation VIP restrooms offer, running fresh water, flushing toilets, private stalls, and roomy interiors. Our Presidential Series restrooms offer the same luxorious features but in a bigger and broader package.